So as part of the re-imagining how things look and feel in the Telerik portfolio, described by our CEO here in a recent announcement, what has changed for your favorite ORM tool? Well, most importantly, we are not calling it ORM anymore, as it has grown through the years into something more flexible and powerful. The new name reflecting our current vision for the product is Telerik Data Access - your comprehensive tooling and APIs for design-time and runtime interaction with relational back-ends. 


For those of you who have been with us for years, upgrading to Telerik Data Access Q3 2013 SP2 or the upcoming Q1 2014 could be surprising. The wizards will appear with our new logo and the product name is now changed everywhere. Even the Visual Designer is now in green: 

Visual Designer in Green

API and Assemblies

There are no breaking changes in our API or assembly names due to the product rename. That means you will still be using the OpenAccessContext, the Telerik.OpenAccess assembly and so on. We don't want to cause unnecessary pain and upgrading to the latest versions should be similar to upgrading to any other official release in the past.

NuGet packages

Telerik Data Access is represented with a new set of NuGet packages:

The NuGets with the old names will still be there, without much content apart from their link to the corresponding new NuGet. While upgrading to their last version, the packages will automatically try to include the new ones, so if you were using for instance OpenAccess.CodeFirst, here is the NuGet structure you will have: 


However, the OpenAccess packages are now obsolete, so ultimately you would remove them from the picture and have the new Data Access packages only:

Do not hesitate to let us know about about any experience of yours, positive or negative, with the re-branded Telerik Data Access. We will be there for answering any questions or concerns.


About the Author

Ivailo Ivanov

 is Team Lead in Telerik Data Access


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