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UI for iOS R1 2017 Comes With a Brand New TabView Component_870x220

Tab navigation is a very popular scenario among many modern iOS applications, and our brand new TabView control is here to deliver such UI hassle free.

A very popular scenario among almost all modern iOS applications is the tab navigation. Pick any major iOS app and it will have a simple, tab based layout with several buttons that navigate you to a specific screen and are always visible at the top or bottom part of the screen estate. We would like to present you a brand new iOS component that is designed to help you implement such scenarios without hassle.

Introducing TabView for iOS

TabView for iOS is a simple and easy to use component that exposes intuitive API to implement tab-based navigation in your iOS application:


To allow for maximum customization, TabView for iOS exposes API for adjusting layouts and tab position, as well as callbacks for state updates.


TabView has two main layout types:

  • Scroll: Scroll to see tabs that are not visible on the screen
  • Overflow: Open a popup containing a list of tabs not visible on the screen

Tabs Position

You can also adjust the position of the tabs on the screen relative to the tab content. Four positions are available:

  • Left
  • Top 
  • Right
  • Bottom

For each position there is the Tab Alignment option that can be used to specify how tabs are aligned vertically or horizontally (depending on the position). Available alignment options are:

  • Left
  • Top
  • Right
  • Bottom
  • Center
  • Stretch

We have also prepared a couple of real-life examples of TabView for iOS in our AppStore demo, as well as extensive SDK samples with a lot of simple scenarios. The control documentation is available here: TabView for iOS documentation.

You can learn more about UI for iOS here.

Want to dive right in? Go ahead, experiment with a free trial of TabView for iOS and let us know what you think!

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