Telerik blogs

twitter_icons_256 Are you a Telerik fan? If so, rest assured that we are coming up with new ways for you to stay connected and up-to-date on the latest and greatest news from the Telerik team. And if social networking sitescommunity forums, and blogs aren't enough, we've got a new treat for you today. I'm proud to announce our presence on Twitter!

The micro-blogging thing has been around for a while, but lately it seems to have been catching on in a big way. I'm seeing more and more people begin to use it as a way to obtain up-to-the-minute details on family, friends, and colleagues while at the same time keeping everyone current on the happenings in their own lives.

I haven't personally subscribed to the micro-blogging hype before, mostly because I found it hard to believe anyone cares about the minutiae of my day. But now that I'm on board with Telerik I find it to be a great outlet to deliver the latest and greatest from the Telerik camp. So if you Twitter and want to stay current on the latest buzz from Telerik, be sure to tune in @telerikbuzz.


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