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RadControls for WPF, 2011.Q1

The most important controls in RadScheduleView are the GroupHeaders, AppointmentItems and TimeRulerItems. While the AppointmentItems does not vary much RadScheduleView introduces several different uses of the GroupHeaders and TimeRulerItems.

Styles Compared to DataTemplates for GroupHeaders and TimeRulerItems

The GroupHeaders and TimeRulerItems appearance can be modified through DataTemplates and Styles.

The DataTemplate can be changed by editing the GroupHeaderContentTemplateSelector for GroupHeaders and TimeRulerItemTemplateSelector for TimeRulerItems. The DataTemplates can be used to modify the content presentation but modifying the visual appearance of the overall control may be limited. For example you can change the time string formats in both the GroupHeaders and TimeRulerItems but you can’t modify much the visual appearance such as the tick lines and cell colors.

With the GroupHeaderStyleSelector and TimeRulerItemStyleSelector you can edit the Styles applied on the GroupHeaders and TimeRulerITems. You can change the Template of the controls giving you much more freedom like customizing the colors, border thicknesses, tick lines etc.

The various applications of TimeRulerItems and GroupHeaders are explained below.

GroupHeader Types

TimeRulerItem Types


I hope these images will help you find out which templates and styles you want to edit in future.


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