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As 2013 is almost over, I thought I'd share details about some of our plans for 2014. With our first release for the year we will provide project managers and development managers with a high level view of product releases and features, so they can manage them more effectively. Then, we will focus our efforts on providing teams with features that will help them do more work with less effort. Below is a brief summary of some of the key features we will be releasing next year:

R1 2014

Releases Management

Scheduled for the middle of Q1 2014, this new functionality will help you plan and track you projects on a higher level.

  • Manage Releases - gain complete visibility over the progress of your releases. See if you are going to meet the deadline, which are the items that are going to be late and more. In addition, thanks to the multi-project support offered by TeamPulse you will be able to get a unified view of the progress of releases from multiple projects.
  • Manage Features (aka Epics) - group user stories into features to be able to better track the goals that need to be met and the functionality that needs to be delivered.  

R2 2014 and beyond

  • Work item management productivity features - Split, Clone, Copy, and Move between projects, as well as, more bulk edit operations.
  • More customization options for the boards - display rows by Team, by Project, by User, by Areas, and more…
  • Timeline view - visualize your work and plans in a timeline format  

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