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The landscape for .NET developers is changing. This blog post recaps the recent Telerik webinar, "The New .NET is Coming Fast," and answers participant questions from the Q & A.

There is fast. And then there is developer fast.

As developers talk to each other about technology, conversations usually flow faster than non-technical folks can fathom. Part of this developer dialect was on display during our July 8 Telerik Webinar on all that’s new in Microsoft .NET. The landscape for .NET developers is going through a world of change, and our goal with the webinar was to provide a broad overview of what’s new in .NET. And boy, did we go fast. We covered 100+ slides in 50 minutes, while also talking through demos. While Michael Crump and myself were trying to speak as quickly as possible, Ed Charbeneau was typing away furiously behind the scenes—he ended up answering some 40+ questions over the hour. We thank all of you who joined, and hope that you found the content beneficial.

Relive the Content

In case you missed our .NET webinar, you can catch the entire recording below:

Prize Winners

Since we strive for honest developer conversations, we love it when webinar attendees fire away questions for us. True that sometimes the question stream gets overwhelming for us, but we still love seeing a lot of questions. If the sheer number of questions on this what’s new in .NET webinar is any indication, interest among developers is very high and everyone is looking forward to what’s next for .NET developers. Here are two of the best questions we came across. Congrats winners!

Winner of the MSFT Surface 3: Atul Deora

Q: How is HTTP 2 different and what are some performance benefits in ASP.NET?

A: HTTP 2 is the next iteration of the HTTP protocol and ASP.NET 5 has full support for it, for both WebForms and MVC. HTTP 2 enables performance optimization through sophisticated compression techniques, as well as simultaneous parallel requests to the web server. While one should always try to minimize the resources needed to load a web page, HTTP 2 brings welcome performance benefits for web applications requiring lots of external JS/CSS/image resources. Learn more here.

Winner of the MSFT Band: James Feazell

Q: I'm a professional .NET developer and an Android user with a severe vision disability. What are my options with Xamarin for developing Android apps with robust TTS (Text-To-Speech) and STT (Speech-To-Text) features?

A: You can use any of the APIs included in the Android SDK with Xamarin. In this case, you could use the SpeechRecognizer or TextToSpeech class.

In addition to the prizes, we’re ​selected five random attendees to receive complimentary Telerik DevCraft licenses. That’s a suite ​containing everything we make for .NET developers! Congratulations to following folks​, you’re winners just for showing up:

  1. Eric Massicotte
  2. Csaba Benko
  3. Andrey Matlin
  4. Ralph Krausse
  5. Phillip Duba

Additional Question/Answers

Q: What is the impact to the shared VS project if code changes in that project and it's been shared across many applications?

A: Shared project does not contain any header information (such as a class library), so when you have a Shared Project reference, it will be compiled as part of the parent application. There will not be separate DLLs created.

Q: Does Xamarin or Telerik AppBuilder require a Mac in order to build an iOS Application?

A: Xamarin requires a Mac “Build Host” whereas Telerik AppBuilder does not. With Telerik AppBuilder, you can build your iOS apps in the cloud.

Q: Is UI for WPF compatible to the new Visual Studio 2015 or does it require a future update from Telerik? Also, any official word from Microsoft on the roadmap for WPF?

A: UI for WPF is compatible right now with Visual Studio 2015. Microsoft has released a blog post on the roadmap for WPF. Read more about it here.

Q: Is WebForms dead? Will there eventually be a version on .NET 5?

A: WebForms is fully supported in Visual Studio 2015 and you can continue building ASP.NET WebForms apps going forward in .NET 4.6. It's not likely though that WebForms will be compatible with .NET 5 Core because of dependencies. However, WebForms isn’t dying and will continue on parallel track. In fact, you can find several exciting enhancements in the next iteration of WebForms, namely WebForms 4.6.

Q: Should I be using NuGet or Bower or NPM? Or all of them for different things?

A: There is some cross over, but each Package Manager specializes in different parts of development. NuGet continues to be extremely popular for .NET/VS developers. NPM is rich in server side libraries and Bower has gained prominence among JS front-end web developers.

Q: Will Telerik ASP.NET controls in Q3 2015 support the .NET Core 5?

A: Telerik ASP.NET Ajax/MVC suites already have support for VS 2015 and MVC 6. We’re actively looking at .NET Core 5 and awaiting RTM to extend support.

Q: How does .NET 5 Core integrate with Docker?

A: Docker is a very popular Open Source project offering sandboxed application containers that run on Linux. ASP.NET 5, with its portability, already has support for Docker hosting of modern ASP.NET applications. There is already a Docker image with all ASP.NET 5 bits – you simply have to add your applications to the base image for easy hosting. Learn more here.  


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That’s a Wrap

This may be one of the best times to be a .NET developer. The future is bright, cross-platform and developer-friendly. The types of applications you can build with .NET have the broadest spectrum of user reach ever. So, go ahead and build your next dream application in .NET for web, desktop or mobile. But also remember to enjoy your summer! We’ll talk to you again during the Telerik DevCraft Q3 2015 Release. Until then, adios and stay well! 

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