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Just a month after releasing the quite popular Telerik TFS Tools (built by Imaginet Resources with RadControls for WPF), a fresh new update of the TFS Work Item Manager and TFS Project Dashboard is waiting for you to be downloaded! Beta 2 of the TFS tools ships numerous enhancements and optimizations, as well as new functionality: Iteration Planning Tool. This planning interface lets you take work items directly from the product backlog and schedule them into future iterations. What’s more, the Iteration Planner also takes into account the capacity limitations of these iterations. Choose work items from your Product Backlog, add them to the "iteration bucket" and you’ll see the effect your actions cause to the capacity. You can also have one work item moved from one bucket to another and see what effect this action will have on your planning.

Additionally, with Beta 2 you can also have your Task Board work items modified and then saved to TFS, or you can check for all related work items.

Together with the release of TFS Tools Beta 2, Imaginet launched a brand new on-site training program to get you started with TFS Work Item Manager and TFS Project Dashboard. The Quick Start includes a high level process assessment, installation and configuration, support and training for your team. Learn not only the features and functions but also the best use of the tools from an ALM perspective. The training is provided for the full team and then customized for Project Managers, Development leads, Developers, and QA and Testers.

Download TFS Tools Beta 2
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