We decided that for the MIX11 conference we will show some of the internal things that we are working on for Windows Phone 7. If you want to see the *new* controls in action - come visit our booth on MIX - we are exhibiting at "The Commons" hall.

So what we are working on for our next release? For Q2 release (coming in ~July.2011) we will have the following new WP7 controls:

  1. Charting
  2. VirtualizedCollection support for our smooth scrolling Lisbox for WP7,
    Virtualized collection for WP7
    You can now bind your listbox to a data service and to load only the initially visible items. When an item is about to be shown you will receive an event to download it from the web service. This makes for a very smooth and scalable solution allowing you to show a big amount of data without the need to download it initially, or to populate a data source. Check a video of a conference viewer application which is using the virtualizing collection.
  3. Calendar
    Calendar control for WP7
    This controls is very similar to the calendar control that is found in the WP7 OS. It is also "agenda aware", which means that you can have your own agenda source and to show your appointments in the calendar.

All these controls are now in development and I will appreciate any feedback or feature request you have. If you need a pre-release build of this stuff - please contact us or ping me on twitter. Come see the new controls at Telerik booth on MIX11 at "The Commons".

About the Author

Valio Stoychev

Valentin Stoychev (@ValioStoychev) for long has been part of Telerik and worked on almost every UI suite that came out of Telerik. Valio now works as a Product Manager and strives to make every customer a successful customer.



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