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It’s hard to believe its mid-November, a time to start to pack away summer cloths, get ready for winter, and take a look at the next release of Telerik TeamPulse!! The Q3 2010 release of TeamPulse marks our second major release of the product. Our goal for this release was to enhance the flow of context between team members and expand breadth of the software development lifecycle that we support.

Start with an Idea

Every great piece of software begins with an idea – some abstract representation of a problem and an approach to address that problem. TeamPulse now allows your team to capture these ideas in a natural and free-form manner, providing the ability to capture attachments related to the idea, collaborate with your team using text and audio comments, as well as assign ideas to projects and naturally decompose those ideas into user stories.

Figure 1 - An idea with a comment - note, you can add text, audio, and attachments to comments

Figure 2 - An idea that has been assigned to a project and decomposed into user stories.

For more information on how to use Idea Management see the video 

Collaborate and Capture

A large part of the context of a requirement is contained within the collaboration and discussions teams have around a requirement, and in today’s world, a large part of those conversations occur using instant messaging. Today, most of this context is completely lost. To help facilitate and capture context created by real-time collaboration, TeamPulse now supports the integration of Microsoft Lync, the next version of Microsoft Office Communicator. TeamPulse will display presence indicators anywhere a team member is displayed in the UI, such as the assigned to field in stories and tasks. This will allow your team to easily see who’s online and allow them to initiate Lync activities, such as instant message conversations or even phone calls, with other team members about your project without having to leave TeamPulse. We also provide you with the ability to store instant message conversations along with the subject (idea or user story) you are discussing to ensure you never lose those important conversations.

Figure 3 - TeamPulse will let you communicate directly with your team members

Figure 4 - Your team will be able to store whole conversations along with stories to help retain context.

For more information on TeamPulse Lync integration see the video

Flowing Context to Developers

Ultimately, we want context to flow naturally back and forth between all team members, regardless of role. The loss of perspective means misinterpretation that can lead to defects, and ultimately waste. With TeamPulse, we want information to flow to those who ultimately need it the most – the developers and testers. With the Q3 2010 release of TeamPulse your team will now be able to synchronize TeamPulse user stories and tasks with Team Foundation Server 2010 projects.

Figure 6 - Before you can sync with TFS, you must set up a connection to a TFS server

Figure 5 - You have full control over what and when you synchronize

For more information about TFS Synchronization within TeamPulse see the video


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Free Agile Training

With the Q3 2010 release we’re also very proud to announce that we’ve partnered with North America’s largest Microsoft ALM training and consulting company, Imaginet, to provide free online training to everyone who purchases a TeamPulse Standard license. This is a huge offering that we’re very excited about, as this type of training perfectly complements TeamPulse and will help your teams adopt the principals of agile development in no time. You can find out more about this offering here:  

P.S. If you are currently in Redmond for the ALM Summit, come find a Telerik employee in a crazy Hawaiian t-shirt to get a cool USB wristband or stress block.


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