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It is that time of the year when the summer heat begins to remind us it is the right moment to take off on a road trip for the weekend.  That’s how two colleagues and I decided to visit the cool town of Ohrid in neighboring Macedonia.

It all started on Friday evening with nothing more than our backpacks and a couple of beers to maintain high spirit during the somewhat tedious travel :). We arrived very early on Saturday and were welcomed by the refreshing scent of the Ohrid lake. The lake, the old houses, the monasteries turn the town into a flourishing tourist destination. 

There is a whole lot to do in Ohrid. You can, go to the beach, sail on a boat, walk around town visiting museums and strongholds (there are plenty of those). Or… you could go to a restaurant and treat yourself to some of the renowned Macedonian cuisine. Mind you, it is nothing short of phenomenal. We were experiencing a foodgasm every time we sat down at a restaurant. If ever you are so lucky to visit Ohrid make sure you try the “Ohridska Pastrmka” (ohrid trout – straight from the lake), “Sharska Pleskavica” (it looks like a burger, but tastes so much better) or “Svinska Veshalica” (a special marinated and tenderized pork steak). Make sure you combine that with a  Macedonian or Greek salad, Nafora (that’s grilled bread cubes with shredded white cheese) and drown everything in lots of the traditional Macedonian red wine – ?’?? ?? J?? (Tuga za jug).

If you are thinking that you will hardly be able to move after the feast you guessed right. The good people in Ohrid, however, have thought about that too! Most of the villas you can rent there feature huge balconies with lots of shading and lounges where you can lay down looking at the gorgeous view of the Ohrid lake while the breeze cools you down. For those of you who want to burn some of the fat there are plenty of clubs and discos where you can dance your butt off.

With such a grand degree of entertainment we hardly noticed how the two days spent there passed. It was short, yes, but it was magic. I even admit that I am a little envious of all the people we left there - the dream goes on for them - as for me, I am back to exciting world of r.a.d.ajax development :-)

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Vladimir Milev is a developer manager.


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