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Telerik Selfies: Tales of Developer Awesomeness
By Burke Holland, Director, Developer Relations

If someone asked me what business Telerik is in, they’d most likely expect me to say we make software tools. Either that, or we’re makers of ASP.NET and JavaScript components, creators of frameworks and CMS systems, contributors to open software projects – the list goes on.

While those are all true, we’re really in the business of making other developers more powerful. Our tools enable you to build your applications faster, more reliably and with fewer errors. We are incredibly proud of our developer customers. You are a hardworking, innovative and creative group. We see you at tradeshows and meetups, user groups and hackathons, and at every turn, you ask great questions and impress us with your savvy insight and wit. Those conversations convinced us that you needed a public place to voice your insights, experiences and wisdom with the world. A place to capture your colorful personalities and fun stories of creation on videos of your own making.  That's why we're pleased to announce a new project made by you for you: Telerik Selfies—Tales of Developer Awesomeness.

Telerik Selfies is the place where you can post short videos about your development successes and challenges. Tell the world—in your own words—about your latest groundbreaking app or a bit of hard earned advice to benefit the entire developer community. Telerik Selfies will be exactly what you make of it. It’s the best and the brightest software brains connected by the cloud. That may seem dramatic, but just between us, we have a passion for all things development and we know you do too.

So head on over and post your "developer selfie" (no fish lips please).  When you do, we'll be dropping a specially designed t-shirt and compact multi-charge adaptor in the mail.  Just for you.  It's time for the world to see what Telerik Developers do every day.  You are the best of the best and we can't wait to hear your story.

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