Lately, we have been preparing a sample application showing the usage of our RadControls for Silverlight 2 in a real life scenario.  Finally, we are able to make this application public and let you experience the flexibility of our controls.

We have just uploaded the demo at:
SnowBoard Online Store

You can also access the example from our RadControls for Silverlight - Overview page by clicking on the banner residing in the bottom-right corner.

We tried to show all the flexibility and interoperability between our controls by combining them into a fully-functional and flashy online store for snowboards. This is the place to thank to our partners from "LIB Tech" for providing us with all the content for this application.

The “Online Store” demo application features RadTabControl, RadCube,  RadNumericUpDown as well as animated WrapPanel and a DockPanel. Since the Silverlight 2 platform does not provide animated WrapPanels and DockPanels, we built our own panels to use them in this example. These are separate components that will shortly become an official part of our “RadControls for Silverlight 2” bundle.  Using panels in our application is essential as they provide the technique to replace the archaic table-based webpage layouts thus achieving a rich visual appearance. Currently, you can find the WrapPanel and DockPanel as part of the RadControls for Silverlight 2 Beta 2, CTP release. However, we are still working on improving their performance and after some polishing they will be officially included in the next Beta 1 release due mid-July.

In addition to the aforementioned controls, we used customized sliders, scroll-viewer and buttons.

The top most part of the page shows a navigation menu using buttons. We customized the appearance of these buttons to fit in the entire page’s design.
In the right panel, you can see a RadTabControl that allows you to filter the boards, compare them or add boards to the Shopping Cart. Once a board has been added to the Shopping Cart, a RadNumericUpDown appears letting you increase/decrease the quantity of the boards you want to purchase. The Board Selector section tab uses customized checkboxes and sliders to let you filter the products as per your requirements.

In the bottom most panel, you can find another animated WrapPanel and a customized Scroll Viewer. These can be used as an additional navigation through the pre-filtered boards.

We will be continuously updating this example by including other controls that are available with our current “RadControls for SIlverlight 2” bundle.  We might be even preparing another sample to show a different real-life application. 

About the Author

Nikolay Atanasov

 is Product Manager in Telerik AppPrototyper Team


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