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The next version of Windows Phone OS codename "Mango" was released last week. There are a lot of new features added - we can say that this is a major update of the OS. Here is the list of more important features targeting the developers (I'll skip the end-user features which you can see here, together with the full press release).

  • Silverlight 4
  • New profiler and emulator for testing 
  • Use of Silverlight + XNA together  
  • Background processing 
  • IE9 web browser control
  • Live Tile enhancements: use of back of tiles and ability to update Live Tiles locally
  • Additional sensors; direct camera access, compass & gyro
  • Local SQL database for structured storage
  • Deep linking into apps from notifications and Live Tiles
  • Fast application switching
  • Networking / sockets for communications
  • Access to calendar and contacts for apps

Pretty exciting stuff! If we only take the first item in the list - Silverlight 4 - it adds tons of new features to the Silverlight platform. You can check the comparison that was done by Tim Heuer when the Silverlight 4 for desktop was released. My favorite list of new features continues with the super-useful profiler that is available with the new tools. If you have developed several Windows phone applications you will know that optimizing the work that is done on the UI and background thread is taking a lot time in order to figure out what is taking the CPU time. Now with this exceptional work from Microsoft on the profiler we can see exactly what is causing problems and performance hits! More info on the profiler you can see here.

After the announcement we've got questions whether our components for Windows Phone 7 will work in Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango) framework. The answer is "Yes" - you can use the current Telerik components for Windows Phone to build Mango applications, there is not need to update them. We thoroughly tested all the components and we haven't found any issue with them. If you see any problems - please let us know - we will address it immediately. So if you are new to Telerik components and need a new Windows Phone component toolkit targeting "Mango" - go download it now.

Below is a screenshot of our quick start framework working in the Mango emulator and showing the Calendar integration with the Mango device appointments:

Calenda Appointments for Windows Phone Mango.

The good news about Telerik components do not end here - this week we are releasing the first drops of our next major update - including new charting, calendar, targeting Mango appointments integration, data virtualization for listbox, etc... We are targeting both Windows Phone 7 and the new Mango tools.

So stay tuned for this week announcements and please share your feedback on our components - what we can do in order to help you build better WP7 applications.

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Valio Stoychev

Valentin Stoychev (@ValioStoychev) for long has been part of Telerik and worked on almost every UI suite that came out of Telerik. Valio now works as a Product Manager and strives to make every customer a successful customer.



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