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As Telerik's customer base and diversity of product lines continues to expand, we've found an ever-increasing demand for professional training for our products.  One of Services' goals is to ensure Telerik has in place training programs to serve this need.  Of course, today we have great partners (like this one) who provide training, and we are ramping up our internal training resources so that we can help provide more guidance and course materials to our training partners.  Along with paid training services, Telerik is also continuing to invest in free webinars and online video content at and on YouTube (and here).  However, in many cases these are limited in scope to a single feature, or broad coverage of some new features in a release, and don't provide the same depth or structure as an actual training course.

That's where our partnership with Pluralsight comes in.  In 2012, we added four courses to Pluralsight's rapidly growing library of software developer courses.  During that same year, Pluralsight doubled their total course catalog from 200 to 400 courses.  This year, one of our goals is to dramatically increase the number of Telerik courses available on Pluralsight, so that by the end of the year most if not all of our products have at least basic training material available to Pluralsight subscribers.  You'll find a current list of available Telerik courses on Pluralsight at  If there's a particular Telerik tool or topic you'd like to see covered, you can vote for it here (search for Telerik to see what's already been requested).  And if you're already a Telerik Ninja and would like to author a course yourself, let us know so we can help!

One last thing - while our remaining supply of 2013 Software Craftsmanship calendars lasts, we're not only offering a buy-one-get-one-free offer on the calendars, but we're also including 30-day Pluralsight subscription cards good for any Telerik course on Pluralsight with each order.  Order yours at

About the Author

Steve Smith

is an Executive VP of Services for Telerik, as well as a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. He’s passionate about software quality, and is a frequent speaker at software developer conferences. Steve has authored several courses on software development for Pluralsight, and you can find him online at or on twitter as @ardalis.


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