Telerik is very excited to be a research partner for DZone’s 2014 Guide to Mobile Development, a premium resource focused on mobile development trends, strategies, and tools. The guide includes expert opinions and tips, industry knowledge, and mobile tool product comparisons.

Telerik shares key insights around mobilizing existing data and keeping internal data secure with its “Mobility and Leaving the Nest” article. The author, Burke Holland, specifically touches on the important role of services layer when securely unlocking enterprise data on mobile devices.

2014 Guide to Mobile Development also offers key insights into mobile development practices through a mobile survey of more than 1000 mobile developers and experts, allowing readers to learn opinions and trends from the best and brightest in the developer community. Additionally, the guide’s solutions directory compares tools and frameworks to help developers choose the right tools for their mobile development. 

Readers can download a free copy of the guide here: 

Download Mobile Development Guide

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