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On 12.09.2011 we released the so anticipated OpenAccess ORM internal build 2011.02.0908 that contained a few very important improvements and fixes for our customers:

Support for SQL Azure 11.x.
After OpenAccess ORM Q2 2011 was released supporting the 10.5.x version of SQL Azure, Microsoft had started updating the SQL Azure data centers to use a new version (11.x) based on the Denali codebase. Some details for this update can be found in Richard Mitchell’s blog post as well as how it can affect third party tools in the MSDN Blogs. With the internal build we have introduced support for the latest version of SQL Azure, so now you should be able to connect your OpenAccess ORM enabled application to SQL Azure regardless of whether your Azure account has updated to the new version or is still running 10.5.x.

- We have introduced new project templates for different scenarios, providing your projects with a quick start. We have prepared templates for:
o Telerik OpenAccess Fluent Library
o Telerik OpenAccess MVC2 Application
o Telerik OpenAccess Web Application
o Telerik OpenAccess Web Site

In another blog post we are going to explain their benefits in detail.

- Important LINQ fixes that solved a regression issue in our Q2 2011 LINQ provider. For a full list of improvements you can check out the release notes.

- The Update Database from Model wizard has been further tuned to match your needs and to allow for a better user experience. We have addressed an issue in the Model First database creation scripts and fixed the problems associated with the Next and Previous buttons, which now keep all the data already entered in the wizard.

Download the Latest Internal Build, we believe that it will enhance the product reliability and improve your user experience.

We will most certainly surprise you with the new improvements we plan for the Q3 2011 release, so stay tuned.

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Ivailo Ivanov

 is Team Lead in Telerik Data Access


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