Besides the currently trending MVC framework, the traditional Web Forms are widely used for web applications development, so probably many of you are already familiar with them. OpenAccess ORM is an excellent choice for your Data Access Layer in such situation, as it is easy to integrate in just a few steps. We have already explained those steps in our new ASP.NET Development Guide, but we figured a visual representation of the same will be a faster and more pleasant way of learning what you need to know.

We have created two separate videos: for developing a Web Site using a Model First approach and a Web Application with a Database First mapping approach, so most of the common tasks are covered. You will learn how to create your initial project using the OpenAccess project templates, create your model, manage your OpenAccess context through the page lifecycle or bind your data directly to the web controls using OpenAccessLinqDataSource.

Regardless of whether you are a web developer or not, you wouldn’t want to miss our next posts. The Q1 2012 release is on the way and we are sure you will find some useful new features in it, implemented to make your life easier when using OpenAccess ORM!

About the Author

Ivailo Ivanov

 is Team Lead in Telerik Data Access

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