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After the official release of our new Add OpenAccess Service wizard you have shown some great interest in using it to shorten the efforts for creating the Web Services and start developing your N-Tier solution. As we are always trying to help you achieve your goals faster and easier, we decided to enhance our resources on the matter with two video tutorials, covering all you need to know about using the wizard for generating WCF Plain Services and WCF Data Services.  

WCF Plain Services

As many of you already know, for exposing your OpenAccess Domain Model through a Plain Service, we are generating a layer of Data Transfer Objects. These classes are simple, serializable and lightweight representations of your entities, which makes it easier to pass them around in a complex N-Tier scenario. Here on Telerik TV you can find a short tutorial explaining of how you can generate such services including some tips for the most common customizations you might want to do after the code is generated.

WCF Data Services

Using the oData protocol, you can expose directly your entities without the need of intermediate Data Transfer Objects layer, just by registering them in the service. This video tutorial will show you how to achieve that with the Add OpenAccess Service wizard in just a few clicks! Besides, it will answer the frequently asked question about handling related data in a WCF Data Service.

And if you are already anticipating the Web API support we have promised, you just have to download our Q3 2012 release expected in mid-October or read some of the upcoming blog posts on the topic!


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Ivailo Ivanov

 is Team Lead in Telerik Data Access

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