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he people have spoken, and once again they picked Telerik! Results for the 2013 Visual Studio Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards were just announced and Telerik posted 20 top three finishes among 28 categories offered.

Telerik earned top honors in four categories: Mobile Development Tools and Frameworks, Web Design and Development Tools, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, and Most Highly Valued Component Suite or Product. Telerik bested several industry powerhouses, including IBM in Project Management and Agile Solutions, Adobe for Web design and Development Tools, and Microsoft Visual Studio for Most Highly Valued Component Suite. Telerik also won two of the top three spots in five of those categories, demonstrating the strength and depth of Telerik’s .NET developer tool offering.

Category results were as follows:

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

First Place: Telerik, Test Studio

Second Place: Telerik, JustMock

Mobile Development Tools and Frameworks

First Place: Telerik, RadControls for Windows Phone

Web Design & Development Tools

First Place Telerik, Kendo UI

Performance, Profiling, and Debugging Tools

Third Place: Telerik, JustCode

Component Suite: Web (ASP.NET, Silverlight)

Second Place: Telerik, RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX

Collaboration, Project Management and Agile Solutions

Second Place: Telerik, TeamPulse

Component: Grid and Spreadsheet

Second Place: Telerik, RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

Third Place: Telerik, Grid for ASP.NET MVC

Component: Chart, Gauge, Graph and Flow

Second Place: Telerik, RadChart for WPF

Third Place: Telerik, RadControls for Silverlight

Component: Mapping/GIS

Second Place: Telerik, RadMap for WPF

Third Place: Telerik, RadMap for Silverlight

Component: UI, Toolbar, Menu, Ribbon

Second Place: Telerik, RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX

Third Place: Telerik Menu for ASP.NET MVC

Reporting, Analysis and Visualization

Second Place: Telerik, Reporting

Component Suite: Desktop (WinForms, WPF)

Third Place: Telerik, RadControls for WinForms

What is your most highly valued component suite or product? Please provide detail, if desired.

First Place: Telerik

What is your most highly valued Web and/or mobile development solution? Please provide detail, if desired.

Second Place: Telerik

What is your single most highly valued development tool? Please provide detail, if desired.

Third Place: Telerik

We are thrilled to be so enthusiastically recognized by the very people using our products. These are the ones Telerik is most committed to serving, and winning People’s Choice Awards in so many categories prove our dedication to delivering the very best is being widely noticed.

Thanks so much for supporting Telerik!


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