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Hi All,

As this is my first post in the Telerik Blogs I will take the opportunity to introduce myself - my name is Iordan Pavlov, I’m the lead developer of the Telerik CAB Enabling Kit (TCEK for short). As of today I will be posting interesting news and tips on the Telerik CAB Enabling Kit.

For those of you that can’t wait to get their hands on the first TCEK beta bits, I am glad to inform you that Beta1 is available for immediate download. We hope you will like TCEK and find it useful. You should also have in mind that this is an early beta release so it will probably have some glitches here and there. If you find any problems, lack of functionality or omissions we will be very glad to have your feedback and work with you in order to resolve all issues towards a stable official release in mid September.

I suppose that the first thing you will want to have a look on is the Finance Application sample modeled after the WoodGrove Finance Application (WPF sample) from the guys at Microsoft. There are many interesting ideas, but there is one that deserves special mention and this is how the RadPanelBar control (used to display the stocks portfolio) is extended using RadProperties and themes to provide functionality that it does not originally have.

Another thing that the sample application demonstrates is the use of RadMenu as extension site and commands as shown in the following snippets:

RadMenuItem showStocksInMenuItem = new RadMenuItem("Show Stocks In");
RadMenuItem treeViewMenuItem = new RadMenuItem("TreeView");
this.WorkItem.Commands[CommandNames.ShowStocksInTreeView].AddInvoker(treeViewMenuItem, "Click");

public void treeViewMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
      object panelBarView = this.WorkItem.SmartParts["StockPortfolioView"];
      this.ShowViewInWorkspace<StockPortfolioTreeView>("StockPortfolioTreeView", WorkspaceNames.DockableWorkspace,  this.PortfolioViewInfo);
      this.WorkItem.Commands[CommandNames.ShowStocksInPanelBar].Status = CommandStatus.Enabled;
      this.WorkItem.Commands[CommandNames.ShowStocksInTreeView].Status = CommandStatus.Disabled;

That’s all for now. You can expect other posts in the near future as the TCEK evolves.Do play with the TCEK beta bits. And don’t forget to tell us what you think.


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