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In roughly two weeks we will converge at TechEd New Orleans – arguably the biggest developer event worldwide. With Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 out the door, it will be very interesting to see if Microsoft will have any developer news for us – I am betting there will be some. Telerik will be at TechEd in full force, both speaking and exhibiting. You will be able to find us at our usual `shiny black booth``.


If you attended DevConnections Las Vegas, then you are familiar with the kind of show we put up at conferences – here are a few pictures from DevConnections and TechEd India, as well as a few customer testimonials about our products. And because everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, I will not post any pictures or videos from the party Microsoft and Telerik hosted at the Jet nightclub. But, rest assured, it will be worth your while to check out our booth or see one of our Telerik staff on Sunday, as you may get as lucky as the five Telerik fans in Vegas who won a helicopter ride to Grand Canyon.


But what really makes me happy about TechEd this year are the developers such as MVPs who are mobilizing TechEd participants and exhibitors to help the people and developers in New Orleans.  When a company announces that it`s helping out a cause, it is often accused of doing it for PR purposes only. I don`t think that`s fair – the company should be given credit for what it`s doing. Unfortunately, that is the reality of the public`s opinion, and I`ve seen Microsoft accused of it many times. For that reason, I will just say that you can be sure that Telerik is doing its share in helping New Orleans get back on its feet.


On a related note, Telerik is sponsoring DevLink ( , August 5-7) n Nashville. You have probably heard about the devastating floods that hit Nashville and surrounding areas.  After a 500-year record rainfall amount, significant parts of downtown and surrounding area were under water for days. I’d like to encourage you to do a few things. First – help out the conference by promoting it in your blogs – let’s help Nashville developers come back to their feet. Second - If you work for a company which can sponsor a conference – pass on their info . Third, carrying on the same practice like with TechEd, when we gave out 2 passes to two deserving developers in New Orleans, I would like to send two deserving Nashville developers to the conference as well. Just send me a quick note at and tell me why you think some developer needs to get a free conference pass. Once again, I promise to keep the information confidential.


See you at TechEd or DevLink.

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Sasha Krsmanovic

is a VP of Product Marketing at Telerik and is based in Toronto, Canada. A geek at heart, Sasha works with HTML and JavaScript developers worldwide and loves learning from passionate people. You can follow Sasha on Twitter @k_sasha.


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