The last release for 2012 is here just in time for the holidays. It brings new features to our Customer Feedback Portal.

Private Feedback

With this release you can allow each user to submit feedback that is visible only to the author and your team. This feature is especially useful for cases where you work with several independent clients that are part of the same code base.

You can choose between two options for capturing private feedback:

  • Allow users to choose whether they want to submit an item as private or public
  • Make all submitted items private by default

feedback portal private conversations

Status Filters

To allow faster navigation through all the feedback we now allow users to filter portal items by their status and see only items that are Done, In Development or New and other.

It allows you to gather feedback from multiple users and you don’t want them to see each other’s feedback you can enable the private feedback feature. This way only your team and the author of the private item will be able to see it.

status filters

Team Foundation Service Support

TeamPulse now supports bi-directional synchronization of work items with Team Foundation Service.

free TeamPulse trial

P.S. Telerik recently adopted the TeamPulse Ideas & Feedback Portal as the default feedback gathering tool for its major product lines. Check the new portal out >>  


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