We are extremely happy to announce our second release for 2013 that introduces great customization and productivity capabilities to TeamPulse. Many of those features were requested by you, our customers. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

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Custom Fields

Creating custom fields

With TeamPulse R2 2013 you can create any custom field and adapt TeamPulse to your process. The field types that you can create are text, drop-down list, date, number or checkbox. Once created, you can sort and filter by those custom fields in the TeamPulse list and board views.

For example, you can set “due date”, “fix version”, “affected version”, “release” or any other custom field that you can think of that your choice of process requires.

custom fields

Mapping custom TeamPulse fields with existing TFS fields

Your TFS items have properties that don’t exist in TeamPulse? No problem, now you can create a custom field in TeamPulse and map it to the corresponding TFS item property.


Integration with TFS Source Control

Associate TFS changesets with TeamPulse work items

With R2 2013 you can associate TFS check-in changeset information within work items in TeamPulse. When you enable this integration it will also pull in information about check-ins performed prior to the sync. Thus, you will get a complete view over all the relevant check-ins.

TFS source control integration


Update TeamPulse work items status and log time via TFS check-ins

With the new version of TeamPulse developers no longer have to leave TFS to update their work in TeamPulse. They can just use the comments field of each TFS check-in to update work item status and log time. They can even do it for multiple items at the same time by just including the IDs of the respective items in the comment.

TFS source control integration


Bulk Edit

You can now update 3 of the most common properties for multiple items at the same time. Those properties are.

  • - assign to
  • - change area
  • - change iteration.


bulk edits


More productivity features

Among the other productivity capabilities we just introduced are many features requests by you. Let’s take a look at them:

Export/import work items

Export all work items that are part of the current preview.

By clicking on Export, a CSV file gets immediately generated and downloaded to your computer.


So now there are cross domain Ajax calls for the API (CORS)

Assign to me or clear assignee from shortcut

With the newly introduced shortcuts in the assign to work item property, you can easily clear the current assignee and/or assign the item to yourself. It takes just a click.

assign shortcuts

Add attachments while still creating new items

You can now immediately add attachments to your new item. So you don’t have to remember to come back to it to add the attachment.


Support different cultures

TeamPulse automatically syncs your date formatting preferences with your browser settings in terms of language and choice of first day of the week – Sunday or Monday.

different cultures support

Print any TeamPulse view

We have optimized TeamPulse to make it print-friendly, so you can print your board or time sheet now.



Yordan Dimitrov is a Director of Software Engineering at Telerik
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Yordan Dimitrov

Yordan is a Director of Software Engineering at Telerik. 


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