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Last year we embarked on a journey to take the product to a whole new level. Today we can show you the results - R1 2013 is now live! I’m definitely not exaggerating when I say this is our biggest release for the past 2 years and that we’ve worked really long and hard on it. But, before I go into the details and show you all the new exciting features, I’d like to thank the team for the great work and also thank you, our valued customers, for the great ideas and inspiration. You’ve been amazing.

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New Look – Simple, Intuitive and Adaptable.

As you can see on the screenshot below the new version has a completely new look and feel. Thanks to our very talented UX team we now have an interface that is simple and intuitive. As a result teams will be able to achieve more with much less effort.



Contextual navigation

The new version doesn't just look stunning, what’s more important is that it is intuitive and adaptable. The new navigation is organized around the way users work. In many software tools (and yes, I admit, this is true for the previous TeamPulse version too) the interface is cluttered with a zillion options, which makes the tools more cumbersome to work with. To address this problem in the new TeamPulse you have 3 modes in the navigation - ‘Work’, ‘Plan’, ‘Analyze.’


With the new contextual navigation, you see only the information that is relevant to you at this moment, thus staying focused on the work at hand.

Quick Add

This feature greatly improves productivity by allowing you to create new projects, items, or iterations without interrupting your flow .

quick add

Zoom Feature

The new boards offer a zoom feature, which makes it easy to define the size of the index cards and the level of detail you want to see. Sometimes you will want to see a bird’s eye view of your project, while in other cases you will want to see more details.

zoom feature

Custom Boards and Backlog (Custom Views)

Now team members can create new personal or shared screens that visualize the data according to their preferences. You can create a different Board for each team, a Bug Board, a UX board and so on. In each Board you can have different filters, different column names and a different zoom level. Also, you can define who can see the Shared Custom Screens (a specific team or everyone).

custom views

HTML5 UI, powered by Telerik Kendo UI controls

To deliver this amazing user experience and performance we needed a solid and flexible platform. That’s why the new UI is based on HTML5, and relies on our own industry-leading Kendo UI controls, and of course, it works on tablet devices.

mobile friendly


Multi-Project Management

We made the new TeamPulse very simple and easy to use. But we also addressed another very common pain for software teams – the management of multiple concurrent projects. The features becomes really handy in cases where you have many concurrent projects competing for the same resource i.e. the team.

multi-project management

Multi-project Backlog

You can now see a master backlog with the items from all your projects. This allows you to effectively prioritize work items across projects competing for the same resources.

multi project backlog

Multi-project Boards

You can visualize work from multiple projects on one Board, which greatly improves the tracking work items from different projects and gives you a more global view of the status of your projects.

In addition, to all the features listed above, we’ve also made improvements to the Customer Feedback Portal as well as bunch of other enhancements. You can find the complete release history here

This release marks a very long and intensive effort for us. Yet, we don't see it as a successful end - for us it's just the first step of making TeamPulse the #1 tool for software development and collaboration. Very soon we announce many of the cool new things we've planned to make your dev team collaboration better. Stay tuned...

Yordan Dimitrov is a Director of Software Engineering at Telerik
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Yordan Dimitrov

Yordan is a Director of Software Engineering at Telerik. 


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