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    Converting Visual Basic to C#

    Converting VB to C#
    Follow John Browne on a brief history of Visual Basic and learn how to convert VB code to C# easily.
    February 27, 2019
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    Navigate Quickly with JustCode and Ctrl+Click

    Ctrl + Click is a widely used shortcut for Go To Definition in many development environments but not in Visual Studio. We, the JustCode team, find it really useful so we added it to Visual Studio. But we didn't stop there - we improved it even further. Read on to find the details. With JustCode you get an enhanced Go To Definition. By default you can execute it in the Visual Studio editor using one of the following shortcuts: Middle Click, Ctrl+Left Click, F12, Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+B. The first usage of this feature is not much different from the default Visual Studio...
    March 30, 2010