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For years, Telerik has thrived because great people build forward-thinking products, agile enough to pivot to meet the changing business demands of our 130,000+ customers. We have always centered ourselves on honoring commitments to two important groups of people: our customers and our employees. We’re happy to let you know this excellence will continue when we join Progress.

We view this union as a tremendous opportunity to do great things—for you, the dev community—while still staying true to our roots as an organization driving innovation. In fact, Telerik senior leaders are committed to fulfilling this promise of innovation and top customer service as we assume our new roles at the combined company. These leadership roles ensure our talented team will build upon both the Telerik and Progress heritage of delivering focused developer solutions for creating applications running on any device, regardless of platform, OS or business need.

Because our strong team will remain intact, we will continue to drive the value, responsiveness and customer service you’ve come to expect from us. We’re all extremely energized for this next chapter, and look forward to sharing this journey with you, just as we have for all these years.


Leadership Team: Same Faces, New Places

Telerik Senior Management Team Joins Progress Software
(Photo from Left to Right: Taslakov, Georgiev, Terziev, Mahimainathan)

Vassil Terziev:
I’ll be taking the role of Chief Innovation Officer at Progress, and will be responsible for identifying strategies, business opportunities, new technologies and capabilities from across the now enlarged Progress portfolio.

Svetozar Georgiev: Svetozar will be joining the executive committee as Senior Vice President of Application Platforms, with a particular focus on Sitefinity CMS. As the leader of the Sitefinity team, he will make sure that there is stronger focus, and more investment and organizational support than ever before. He’ll drive an aggressive roadmap, help improve our customer service and make sure we respond quickly and adequately to your needs.

Dimitre Taslakov: Dimi, the current Chief Talent Officer at Telerik, will assume that same role at the new combined Progress to ensure we have the best and brightest talent to fuel our success.

Aaron Mahimainathan: Aaron will remain focused on the Telerik DevTools business as Senior Vice President, DevTools and Platform, Progress, and will be responsible for growing the Telerik DevTools and Telerik Platform businesses to even greater heights.

Better Together

With the Progress management team drawing on the visionary leadership of both companies, CEO Phil Pead has a strong foundation of Telerik leaders to fuel still greater success. That means success for the many developers that depend on Telerik every day. Our tools aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’ll be better and stronger than before because we’ll now have more resources, and be part of a bigger family, which we are proud to say includes all of you.


About the Author

Vassil Terziev

As Chief Innovation Officer at Progress, Vassil Terziev is responsible for identifying growth strategies and new market opportunities, as well as promoting internal innovation.


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