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The long-awaited official release of .NET 5 is fast approaching. The promise of Microsoft’s unified modern, open-source platform is big, yet the transition we’ll all have to make might seem a little daunting.

The Official Release of .NET 5 Is Coming in November!

.NET 5 is the natural evolution of the .NET platform—the fifth major iteration of the .NET platform will commence the transition from the Windows-only proprietary framework to a cross-platform, open-source system that will unify .NET development as a single platform for creating applications across all devices—web, desktop and mobile.


Let’s Unpack the Official .NET 5 Together!

Everything you need to know about .NET 5 and web, desktop and mobile apps

Always in step with the rapidly evolving .NET ecosystem, we are here to help developers keep up with the latest innovations in creating stunning web, desktop and mobile apps.

Join our developer advocates Sam Basu and Ed Charbeneau for the State of .NET webinar on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. ET to better understand the impact of .NET 5 on the future of web, desktop and mobile development. 

Here's a sneak peek into what we'll be covering on the webinar—be sure to join us for the full details!

Why .NET 5?

.NET is an large unification effort. Turns out, our beloved .NET ecosystem had a quite a few .NET runtimes to choose from, depending on the application type—.NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono. .NET 5 promises to take the best of .NET Core and Mono, and make the development experience seamless for developers. Moving forward, .NET 5 would be the de-facto .NET platform to build modern apps across various technology stacks.

.NET 5 Performance, Tooling & Language Updates

.NET 5 promises to make sweeping performance improvements across various aspects of running .NET apps, like Garbage Collection, System.Text.Json, Async-Await and much more. With .NET 5, developer tooling gets better with improvements across various aspects of Visual Studio, single file apps and tighter developer loops. .NET 5 also ushers in programming language enhancements with official support for C# 9.0 & F# 5.0.

ASP.NET Core on .NET 5

ASP.NET Core is already a wonderfully modern web framework and there are tons of improvements in ASP.NET Core running on top of .NET 5. Blazor is very exciting for .NET developers to run C# front and back for web apps, and the story gets better with .NET 5. .NET 5 updates for Blazor WebAssembly include CSS Isolation, runtime performance improvements, lazy loading, server-side prerendering and much more. .NET 5 wave also sees a ton of features all across rest of ASP.NET Core, like SignalR, Kestrel, MVC & Razor Pages, Web API and Authentication/Authorization. 


The next evolution of the popular Xamarin.Forms framework is .NET Multiplatform App UI aka .NET MAUI. Developers get more confidence in Xamarin tooling now being part of .NET and being able to support modern cross-platform workloads of iOS, Android, Windows & MacOS. In addition to the traditional C#/XAML with MVVM way of building the visual tree, .NET MAUI offers developers additional choices—C# with MVU pattern and potentially Blazor Mobile Bindings. While .NET MAUI is slated for .NET 6, we should start seeing preview bits start flowing out after .NET 5.

Modern Desktop on .NET 5

Windows Desktop apps often run core enterprise business workflows and are very welcome in .NET 5. Developers get multiple framework choices to fit their Desktop needs, namely WPF, WinForms, UWP and WinUI. Modern Windows apps utilize the latest .NET APIs and there are well-defined migration paths to modernize legacy Desktop apps running on .NET Framework.

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