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April Fools' Day is a great excuse for me to do something funny with RadGridView. So today’s post will have less geekness and more fun than usually.


Silverlight being a great platform and RadGridView being enormously flexible control provoked me to do something that you can not exactly call the typical Line-Off-Business application.


So enjoy this small  Pexeso game clone created with the help of RadGridView for Silverlight and some standard Silverlight re-styling techniques.

The rules are simple : Try to open two identical cards at the same time. The goal of the game – try to open all cards this way.

My best score was 3:43 !  Will be glad if you share yours :) .


For the sake of geekness I will keep the tradition to share the sources.

Those of you who need an example of altering the behavior of the cells in RadGridView by using the CellTemplate property and a custom user control,

please download the following sample project :


download link : \


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