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Last month, I reported on the initial sales of the Software Craftsmanship 2013 Wall Calendar by country. Here’s an update showing the breakdown for all of 2012 (really just Nov-Dec since that’s when they went on sale). It’s interesting to see how little things have shaken up – the countries that were the initially the most likely to purchase the calendars have remained pretty steady, even given the relatively small sample size of the initial post.

Top 10 Countries by Number of Purchased Calendars in 2012

Country Qty Rank Change
United States 419 same
Germany 117 same
Norway 34 same
Canada 33 same
United Kingdom 31 same
Switzerland 17 same
France 16 up
Spain 14 down
Australia 12 same
Austria 10 up

Germany made a huge surge in raw numbers, as did the United States. Norway is now barely holding onto the #3 spot, with Canada and the UK close behind. Of course, last month I also showed the ranking based on population of the countries listed. Here’s an update of that table.

Top 10 Countries, Calendars per Million People

Norway 6.73
Switzerland 2.12
Denmark 1.431
Germany 1.429
United States 1.33
Austria 1.18
Canada 0.94
Ireland 0.87
Sweden 0.84
Estonia 0.77

Norway continues to rule the world in per capita software craftsmanship calendar consumption, but several other countries have now passed the 1-in-a-million mark. Estonia continues to be in the top 10 here with only a single actual calendar purchase.

If you haven’t ordered your calendar yet, we still have some in stock at the Telerik Gear Store. They’re kind of a perishable item, however, as with each passing day their usefulness as a calendar goes down by 1/365th of the full year’s value, so the sooner your get yours, the more value you’ll receive from it. Of course, that’s not counting the long-term value of the images if you choose to save them and display them separately, as many have done for their team room or office.

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