We want to thank you all for attending the Windows 8 Webinar yesterday. As promised, all of the materials are now available for you to download and explore on your own. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. We also suggest that you download the UI Suite for Windows 8 if you haven’t already done so.

For Those Who Couldn’t Attend, What is the UI Suite for Windows 8?

The UI Suite for Windows 8 is a toolset for building Windows Store applications that run on tablets and large screens, whether you are writing your program with XAML or HTML. Both libraries will offer the same user experience, functionality and behavior. Drawing from our experience in XAML, HTML and Windows Phone technologies, the the Windows 8 UI suite was designed was designed to offer functionality on top of the Windows 8 SDK that will make your applications shine

Windows 8 Webinar Materials

Slides, Source Code and the recorded Webinar Video are now available

What Did We Cover Today

  • Introductions of the four Evangelists
  • Why Windows Store Apps?
  • New Controls and Features
  • Demos: XAML/HTML
  • Marketplace App built using Telerik controls
  • Resources
  • Q&A

Here Is A Transcript of the Q&A

Q: Where can I find a gallery with Telerik Controls for WinRT ?
A: It is actually in the Windows Store right now, just search Telerik or install the control suite and it will be added to your Start menu

Q: Will the source code be available as well?
A: yes, you can download the source code here

Q: I entered this late due to another appointment. Will this be available on Telerik.tv?
A: Absolutely! The link is included here

Q: I was told they are also included in Premium
A: We no longer calling them Premium/Ultimate, but the DevCraft series and yes they are included.

Q: When will the XAML versions of the controls be available? Follow-up, are you committed to XAML/HTML parity?
A: Most of our controls work with both xaml and html now, and yes, we are committed to parity over time

Q: On a scale from 1-10, what's the stability like for these? Will I encounter issues?
A: These controls are official and have gone through numerous testing. From CTP, to Beta 1 and 2 to RC to Official.

Q: What is WinJS? I came across this term during the previous presentation.
A: WinJS is a client side library of CSS and JavaScript that makes building apps in the Modern (Windows Store) Style easier. It provides UI controls, asynchronous versions of popular methods and databinding. It is designed to collate all common methods of the WinRT (Windows Runtime) library and make them more JavaScript friendly.

Q: Do these controls work in Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8?
A: Yes

Q: Is the license to the library permanent or will I have to take it out of my code after a year if I don't renew?
A: The license is permanent, what you lose by not renewing is priority support and updates

Q: $99 will have license for 1 year including all updates for 1 year?
A: Correct (but see the increasing price scale here)

Q: To load the Windows 8 controls (develop with), I must develop from either a Windows 8 or Win 2008 box correct?
A: Yes, to use our controls you need to develop on a Win8 machine

Q: Does these DIV tags work fine in other version of windows, like data-win-control, or is specific only for Windows 8?
A: What you are seeing here is specifically for Win8

Q: how about tool to generate cloud service from SQL or Azure database?
A: Sounds interesting. This is another idea that we can take back to the team

Q: is this (QSF) documented so we can use as a start for our own projects
A: It is more or less self-documenting, though we have additional documentation including a set of blog posts that simplify the examples.

Q: will this work with autobuild on TFS Preview
A: I'm not familiar with that feature of TFS, but if it is just a CI process, then yes. The controls are just code like anything else

Q: Any thoughts on improving on the GridView control?
A: Check out our RadControls for Win8 roadmap :-)

Q: Are there plans for a barcode reader control?
A: No immediate plans for a bar code reader, but we're very open to the idea. We'll pass it along to the dev's.

Q: win 7 support this?
A: No, everything in this webinar is for Win8

Q: Does linq work as a datasource?
A: Yes, linq should be a fine datasource

Q: will we have to wait for "full" releases to get the new controls or will there be beta releases that we will have access to?
A: The first full release is available now

Q: will you be adding calendar/scheduling controls as well? Would also love to see some of the existing WPF/Silverlight controls.
A: I will take that information back to the team

Q: is XAML here to stay? or like SilverLight is it going to disappear soon?
A: XAML plays a vital part of Windows 8 as well as many other technologies

Q: Is it possible to mix xaml with html?
A: Yes, with Windows Runtime Components

Q: Is there a performance difference between xaml and html?
A: No.

Q: But the Windows phone 8 running not on WinRT?
A: Windows 8 and WindowsPhone 8 use different controls, they are not compatible

Q: It'd be really, really good for autocomplete & combo box to come over to XAML.
A: We agree!

Q: Is the RadTree control in the works for a future release?
A: Not on the roadmap, but we will take it back to the team.


Thanks for watching and if you have any questions or comments then please let us know. Also, before you go, we need your help. Telerik is driven by customer feedback. This is where we need you to tell us what you want to see in the future. Whether it is new controls, additional features or content based off of existing controls, then just drop a comment in this post or send us a tweet on Twitter at: @mbcrump, @jesseliberty.@skimedic, @IrisClasson.

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