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Hello and thanks to everybody who gave their insightful comments in the first blog post by the Marketing Team.
We have decided that it will be a good idea to blog more often, to engage in a conversation, and generally to shed some light on our work. We are aware that what we do is not directly related to programming but we hope that you may be interested in what else is happening at Telerik, besides lines of code being entered in VisualStudio :-)
This post will continue where we left off last time. We would once more ask for your opinion on an ad we recently finished. I can promise you that this blog won't be all about us asking questions, so please bare with us with one more of the "what do you think?" entries.
What you see below is the new Sitefinity ad. We will really appreciate your feedback and here are the top questions that are flying around the room.
  • What's your overall feel when you see the ad?
  • What does it communicate to you?
  • What thoughts, if any, does the ad evoke?
  • Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about the idea, or the execution?
If you find the questions too restricting, please feel free to just write whatever comes to mind.  For now, we won't be revealing anything about the ad in terms of our ideas while creating it, just so we don't push you in a certain direction of thinking about the ad.
Regards and thanks in advance to anyone who decided to contribute some of his/her valuable time.


Sitefinity ad. The last one

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Antonia Bozhkova

 is a Product Marketing Manager for Test Studio and Fiddler. Enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and innovation, Antonia enjoys learning from like-minded software developers and testers which also helps her shy away from using marketing lingo in her writing. When she’s not behind the keyboard she likes to be out to sea. Antonia can be found on Twitter as @Bonbonia.


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