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Here at Telerik we are constantly working with the new cutting edge technologies. As Silverlight 1.1 alpha hit the road we were keen to research all the new things we can do with this new technology ...

But there was one little problem - the lack of help and documentation. Our experience with WPF help us a lot to get into the new technology, but Silverlight is a new platform and it has its differences from WPF.

So when we were contacted by the O'Reilly to write a book for Silverlight 1.1 we decided that this will be a very good opportunity for us, and we will be able to help a lot of people which want to get faster into this new Silverlight platform.

The result - this more than 70 pages shortcut, will help you to get started with Silvelight. It explains the main concepts behind Silverlight - working with XAML, animations, web services and ofcourse, there is a step by step example about how to create your own custom control. Here is the short table of contents:

  1. Understanding Silverlight 1.1
  2. What is Silverlight 1.1?
  3. An overview of RIA
  4. Working with Silverlight 1.1
  5. Building applications and custom controls with Silverlight 1.1
  6. Online resources

you can purchase and download the book from the O'Reilly online catalog.

Thanks to Adam Kinney and Jessy Liberty from Microsoft - they helped us a lot with polishing everything out.

I hope you will enjoy reading the book - let us know what do you think about it.


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