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The Telerik Developer Network (or TDN as we call it) has been my professional passion for the past four years as its editor-in-chief and has now wound down to its end. But Progress and the Progress Developer Relations team, who frequently posted there, are still committed to bringing you great developer-focused content from our internal authors and talented third-party authors.

All the content you used to find on the TDN will find a new home on places like the Progress blogTelerik blog, specifically in the new “Developer Central” page, NativeScript blog and Kinvey blog. As you can see, we have a lot of outlets serving a lot of audiences - and that is partly why we decided to transition efforts away from this site. Hopefully you'll still choose to follow us on one or more of those sites that are most relevant to you - and we'll continue serving the same quality content we did on TDN!

Personally, I am moving on to work as a developer advocate for our Kinvey mobile-backend-as-a-service product, so you'll be able to catch some of my writing on the Kinvey blog. You can catch Ed Charbeneau, Tara Manicsic, John Bristowe, Sam Basu and Alyssa Nicoll blogging right here on the Telerik Blogs and Jen Looper, TJ VanToll and Sebastian Witalec on the NativeScript blog.

If you were an RSS or Telerik Developer Digest subscriber and would like to continue receiving our .NET, JavaScript (& beyond) tutorials, expert opinions and media, subscribe to the Telerik Blog's RSS feed or email newsletter to stay on top of the latest developments and helpful tips. The Telerik Blogs will soon host the entire TDN archive, so don’t worry – none of this knowledge will be lost – and neither will your favorite articles

My History with TDN

When I joined Telerik four years ago, it was with the express purpose of helping to guide content and build TDN. I had worked on the Adobe Developer Connection and then launched my own popular site (called Flippin' Awesome). Telerik had a DevRel team filled with talented writers whose content was often being overlooked - the hope was that TDN would change that.

And it did. The very first article, Seven JavaScript Quirks I Wish I’d Known About by Jim Cowart (who was part of the team at the time) went viral. Since that day TDN has served well over 4 million unique visitors. You can read about some of the all-time top articles in the full letter, published on the TDN.

Have a Favorite TDN Article?

Obviously, I left out literally hundreds of articles and tens of authors (both internal to the company and external). I could go on for days. If you've been a reader, what was your favorite article and why?

Oh, and if you have a favorite, don't worry - we are working to ensure that the content remains available as long as it remains relevant to developers. Thanks for reading!

Brian Rinaldi is the Developer Content Manager at Telerik
About the Author

Brian Rinaldi

Brian Rinaldi is a Developer Advocate at Progress focused on the Kinvey mobile backend as a service. You can follow Brian via @remotesynth on Twitter.


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