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With Telerik Platform, you get a choice of development approach—native, web or hybrid. Today, I am excited to announce our “Run a Hybrid App, Get $5 Amazon Gift Certificate” campaign which aims to promote Hybrid Mobile App development. In the future, look for fun campaigns like this to help promote the other approaches as well.

How Does it Work?

We’ve created a small starter app around a fictitious business called “Dineissimo.” Simply clone the Dineissimo app in Telerik AppBuilder, then follow the prompts in the app. You’ll have to uncomment the line of code which enables the Camera Cordova plug in, then rebuild and deploy the solution to claim the prize. Hint: if you get stuck at any point, just pull down the instructions from the top right corner. All this should only take you about 3 min to complete, and you’ll see just how easy it is to get an app deployed to your device even though it’s not locked or provisioned.

Telerik Sample AppBuilder App -Dineissimo Restaurant

Look for some gems we left in the code as a surprise for you. They are commented out, but if you comment them back in, they unlock additional features of the app!


Can I Reuse the Code to Create a Different Small Business App?

Yes. Our intent was to provide you a starter app for small businesses that may not have the resources to develop the app from scratch. The Dineissimo app is built around a restaurant business. However, it was built to be easily repurposed for any small business with features like: Menu, Shopping Cart, YouTube integration, Google Maps integration, Photos (restaurant gallery), Menu Filtering etc.

Telerik AppBuilder Sample App- Dineissimo Restaurant    Telerik AppBuilder Sample App- Dineissimo Restaurant

Telerik AppBuilder Sample App- Dineissimo Restaurant  Telerik AppBuilder Sample App- Dineissimo Restaurant

Now go run that app! It’ll be the easiest and most fun $5 you ever made.




About the Author

Sasha Krsmanovic

is a VP of Product Marketing at Telerik and is based in Toronto, Canada. A geek at heart, Sasha works with HTML and JavaScript developers worldwide and loves learning from passionate people. You can follow Sasha on Twitter @k_sasha.


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