In this blog post we will go through a new feature of the RadOutlookBar – the minimization capabilities. With the upcoming release of the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF the RadOutlookBar will come with a couple of new properties:

  • IsMinimizable – boolean property that allows you to choose whether the RadOutlookBar can be minimized or not
  • IsMinimized - boolean property that allows you to choose whether the RadOutlookBar should be minimized or not
  • MinimizedWidth – double property that represents the width that will be set to the RadOutlookBar, when it is minimized
  • MinimizedWidthThreshold – double property that represents at what width the RadOutlookBar will go in minimized state, when it is resized via the vertical resizer
  • IsVerticalResizerVisible – boolean property that allows you to show or hide the vertical resizer
  • VerticalResizerAlignment – property of type ResizerAlignment that has two predefined values – Left, Right. With this property you can choose where to be placed the vertical resizer


Now I will give you some examples:

        IsMinimizable = true (default)                                       IsMinimizable = false


           IsMinimized = false (default)                                                  IsMinimized = true


             MinimizedWidth = 30 (default)                                     MinimizedWidth = 50


Resizing RadOutlookBar via the vertical resizer:


With the new minimization capabilities of the RadOutlookBar you will be able to make more user friendly and MS Outlook look and feel applications, so I hope you will find them very useful.

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Viktor Tsvetkov

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