Telerik's official Q3 2010 release just came public introducing many improvements and new features. One of them is RadMediaPlayer's full screen support. 

Prior to Q3 2010 release developers had to implement additional logic to provide full screen support for their apps using RadMediaPlayer.With the new release users can experience true full screen apps without any custom code. Full screen support is build inside the media player but can be easily customized by using the IsFullScreenProperty or attaching a handler to the FullScreenChanged event.

In addition, two new properties are available which you can use to customize whether the video controls panel and the chapters panel are visible or not - IsVideoPanelHidden and IsChaptersPanelHidden.



Some custom scenarios may require hiding all controls and visual elements while movie is in full screen. To achieve that, you can take a look at the snippet below.


<telerik:RadMediaPlayer x:Name="SampleMediaPlayer" FullScreenChanged="SampleMediaPlayer_FullScreenChanged">
    <telerik:RadMediaItem Source="">
            <TextBlock Text="Networking and Web Services in Silverlight" Margin="4"
                            FontWeight="Bold" />
        <telerik:RadMediaChapter Position="00:07:30">
            <TextBlock Text="Resource-Centric Apps" TextWrapping="Wrap" Grid.Column="1"
                        Margin="4" />


private void SampleMediaPlayer_FullScreenChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    this.SampleMediaPlayer.IsVideoPanelHidden = this.SampleMediaPlayer.IsFullScreen;
    this.SampleMediaPlayer.IsChaptersPanelHidden = this.SampleMediaPlayer.IsFullScreen;

Hope you will have fun using it and drop a line if you have comments or feedback on the topic.


Telerik MediaPlayer for Silverlight

And download a trial version of the Telerik RadControls from here:

RadControls for Silverlight - Download Trial

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