With this Beta2 release RadControls for Silverlight has been enhanced with several brand new controls:


RadTimePicker is an easy to use control allowing you to integrate time selection in your web applications. The control exposes an advanced parser that converts numeric/alpha-numeric values into a valid time. Using the templates of the RadTimePicker control you can arrange the items in your very custom manner. The control also supports defining selectable time-range through its Start/EndTime and Interval properties, or binding to a collection containing pre-defined values.


RadExpander control is a flexible control that helps you save space and achieve an easier navigation through your site. You can place the expander anywhere on your page and embed any content inside the drop-down (content) area. RadExpander also gives you the control over its ExpandDirection to let you adjust the control as per your custom layout.

We included a common overlay mechanism for all controls using pop-up windows. This mechanism allows proper overlaying when several windowed/popup objects appear on the screen.

The Documentation has been updated. We added general topics and some pretty advanced articles on  databinding and styling.


You can check the deteailed Release Notes and see our Online Examples.

About the Author

Nikolay Atanasov

 is Product Manager in Telerik AppPrototyper Team


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