RadControls for Silverlight 2 CTP2 is fact. This is another public preview that gets us closer to the official release of our RadControls for Silverlight 2. However, there will be another Beta releases before the official launch of the controls. The next update will be available with the forthcoming Q2 release due end of July.


With this CTP edition the RadControls for Silverlight 2 bundle has been enhanced with several brand new controls :
  • Window for Silverlight  - RadWindow exposes most of the best-known methods and properties of a WPF window, which have already become natural to manage and use.  You have the ability to set up properties like start-up location, states,  styles,  resize modes,  title,  top,  left and topmost.  You can also rely on the common events for a window like Opened, LoadedClosingClosed that expose event arguments such as Dialog and Prompt results.  Even if you are not into creating your own windows, you can simply use the line-long static methods Alert, Prompt and Confirm.

       - Ordering – RadWndows overlay each other as the top most window overlays the rest
       - Configuration – RadWindow is fully configurable in terms of determining size, state and position.
       - Alert, Prompt, Confirm – RadWindow exposes Alert, Prompt and Confirm methods to allow you   replace the standard dialog boxes provided by the browser.
       - Themes and Styling – The control can be easily styled using Blend. Additionally, you can use several pre-defined themes
  • ComboBox for Silverlight - Telerik RadComboBox for Silverlight is a powerful drop-down list control.The product introduces a number of advanced features like autocomplete, grid-like multiple columns, databinding, rich events model, etc.
        - Powerful DataBinding - Telerik RadComboBox for Silverlight can be bound to various datasoure types such as Object data, XML data, WCF and ADO.NET WebServices.
        - Editable mode - RadComboBox can work in both "editable" and "not editable" modes. Additionally, the RadComboBox can be marked as read-only even though the editable mode has been enabled.
        - Autocomplete - RadComboBox has full autocomplete support - while you type into the input area, the combobox returns all the relative matches for the currently typed text.      
        - Multicolumn Mode – You can use custom ItemTemplate to represent grid-like multiple columns.
        - Keyboard support - RadComboBox has full support for keyboard navigation with arrow-key navigation.
        - Filtering – The RadComboBox items can be filtered depending on the typed text in the input field. This feature is especially useful when the drop-down contains a huge amount of items.      
        - Themes and Styling – The control can be easily styled using Blend. Additionally, you can use several pre-defined themes
  • Slider for Silverlight - Telerik RadSlider is a flexible UI component that allows users to select a value from a defined range. The control is completely customizable in terms of appearance and offers numerous configuration options like orientation, small change, mouse wheel support, selection range, snap to tick, tick placement, tick template, etc.
        - Orientation – Set the orientation of the slider to either horizontal or vertical as per your needs.
        - Move the thumb to the mouse pointer – Allow the thumb of the slider move to the location of the mouse click that occurs while the mouse pointer pauses on the slider track.
        - Move slider to the closest tick – Allow the slider move the thumb to the closest tick mark.
        - Themes and Styling – The control can be easily styled using Blend. Additionally, you can use several pre-defined themes
  • Layout Panels for Silverlight
        - DockPanel – You can place child items in the DockPanel so that they do not occupy any space, which is not used by other docked elements. The DockPanel provides a built-in auto sizing that applies to the elements when their sizes are not pre-defined.
        - WrapPanel – You can place child elements in a sequential position from left to right, breaking the content to the next line at the edge of the containing box.
        - UniformGrid – The panel’s child elements will be arranged in a grid layout.
All the other controls have been improved in terms of styling, appearance and general behavior.  The QSF section contains examples of each control and its major features. You can refer to the Quickstart examples to get more details about the controls and their capabilities.  To download the controls, use this link. Note that you have to sign in first.

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