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 With the upcoming release of RadControls for Silverlight Q1 2009 we are announcing a new set of color controls: RadColorPicker, RadColorSelector and RadColorPaletteView for Silverlight.

 RadColorPicker is very useful in a lot of business application where a color component is needed. The control that we are building has support for the most commonly used color functionality .          

  Here are the top 5 features:

    -  25 Preset Color Palettes : to speed up your work RadColorPicker is shipped with 25 ready-to-use color palettes like Grayscale, Web216, ReallyWebSafe, Office, etc.

    -  Custom Color Palettes: You can easily define your custom colors and set them as source.

    - Configurable Layout : You can customize the appearance of RadColorPicker by setting corresponding palettes visibility.

     -  Styllable Picker Button: You can fully customize the appearance of the color picker buttons.

      -  “No Color" :Depending on the particular settings, RadColorPicker can display an automatic "No Color" button.

Here are some screen shots of the color controls to see what is coming:






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