There were clearly some great surprises in the keynote yesterday, causing twitosphere reactions. My favorite came from @brianleroux’s status on bash:

We got a
little more scientific and ran a few Twitter polls. The first results of our Twitter polls on /build news are in.

When will you use to Microsoft HoloLens-Poll

Moving to Windows 10 soon-poll results

Twitter poll results: 60% of /build keynote watchers will move to Windows 10 soon because of Bash.

Granted, this is a limited sample, so we are re-posting these twitter polls for another 24 hours. We’ll combine all the results and re-post the final results, so head over to the polls to weigh-in:

BTW, here is a great recap of /build news from day one from Sam Basu over at Telerik Developer Network. Also, we are bringing the excitement of /build 2016 expo floor giveaway with 500 Telerik UI for Xamarin Licenses to all of you at home.


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