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As Miro mentioned in his last post, with the upcoming 2011 Q1 Beta, we will release a new and improved version of RadSlider. A lot new features are being added and many of the existing hot spots were addressed along the way. One of them - the performance hit when RadSlider has to re-render its ticks. I took the liberty to compare the impact of RadSlider on an application before and after we made the improvements.
Scenario: Every second, for 60 seconds, generate a new ViewModel and set it as DataContext to RadSlider.
Goal: See how many times the LayoutUpdated event will be fired.
Additional Info: The ViewModel has 2 properties (Value and Maximum) which are bound to RadSlider's Value and Maximum.

Anyway, instead of telling you how great the new Slider is, why don't I show you instead.


Note: The new Slider is represented in the upper window.

If you can't see the video above, please visit this link.

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