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Telerik Page Transitions for WP7 sample code

With the first CTP of Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone 7 we introduced the page transitions. You can read more info about them in my blog post. Now with the beta1 release we created a sample application which you can use as a reference in order to add the Metro transitions into your application.

Check the video screencast of the sample application here.

ToDo application design for WP7

The sample application is based on a design of a ToDo application. We are showing the more complex transitions. We have examples for:

 - Tile transition,

 - Continuum transition,

 - Slide and Swivel transition,

 - Turnstile and slide transition

Apart from the transitions you will be able to see the the RadListPicker and RadDatePicker controls in action. The source code of the application is available here - please run it on the device to see the real beauty of the transitions :). We are putting a lot of effort into all our controls to make sure that they are optimized and ha the best performance on the device. 

As always - if you have any feedback on feature requests - please let us know.

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Valio Stoychev

Valentin Stoychev (@ValioStoychev) for long has been part of Telerik and worked on almost every UI suite that came out of Telerik. Valio now works as a Product Manager and strives to make every customer a successful customer.



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