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I can’t believe it’s only been a year since we launched our first version of TeamPulse. We actually announced to the world that Telerik was entering into the world of Agile Project Management tooling in April of 2010, however, our first “official” release wasn’t until July 27th of 2010. Today we released our 4th official release of TeamPulse; the 2011 R2 release:

Our initial release shipped with what we thought were a “core” set of features that we could build upon very aggressively to support our long term vision:


In our latest release, we really nailed some great collaborative and data management features such as:

1. Unified Backlog Management view complete with drag and drop prioritization, more filtering capabilities, and customizable views

2. Tagging – allow you to go beyond area and iteration categorization to better manage your information

3. Comments – helping your team to get conversations out of email and into TeamPulse to help maintain flow and context

4. Email Notifications – allowing you to keep up to date as changes happen

5. Teams (beta) – embracing the fact that your overall team may be broken down into subteams

This is on top of a huge set of smaller improvements we made during this release.

So, where are we going now? Well, we posted our roadmap a few weeks ago for our upcoming release (2011 R3) - As you can tell, there are a lot of “platform” style enhancements we’re shooting for in the next release such as Forms Authentication, Permissions, etc. We’re also committed to adding even more value– and we have just recently announced we’re going to be releasing an HTML-based feedback portal where your users can come to provide you with feedback on your project (feature requests, problems, ideas, etc)

Our internal roadmaps, however, don’t end at R3. We have a vision of how we want to support the lifecycle of software applications. The following diagram shows a little peak into how we view some of the cycles we want to support by the end of the year.


We all know that a project doesn’t operate in isolation of other projects – and we do intend on extending our focus on cycles that work across many projects and shared teams and team members. We are just like you – we have many projects on the go at the same time and team members spread across projects – and we want to have a common view/perspective across it all. We’re also working hard to get TeamPulse into the cloud for those customers not interested in hosting it internally.

Needless to say, if you step back and take a look at what our roadmap looks like, you’ll realize, we’ve only just begun! I can’t wait to write the next annual post and reflect on all the amazing things we’ll deliver in the next 12 months!!!

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Joel Semeniuk

is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Microsoft ALM. You can follow him on twitter @JoelSemeniuk.



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