I’m delighted to announce that in the coming weeks we’re expanding the Telerik Platform, a mobile application development platform, with 3 new services that will help development teams listen to their users and rapidly iterate based on their feedback.  Furthermore, we’re actively looking for beta testers of these new services.  If you have interest, then we’d love to get your input!

Use the links below to sign-up to beta these new services.

Telerik AppPrototyper (Beta)

Telerik AppPrototyper is a web-based design tool that enables designers and development teams to create high-fidelity interactive mobile app prototypes.  Using AppPrototyper you can quickly construct prototypes that look and feel like the real mobile app using a web-based interface or by importing from your existing design tools (for example, Photoshop).  The people involved with your project can then interact with these prototypes and provide in-line reactions.

[Sign-up to be part of the AppPrototyper Beta]

Telerik AppManager (Beta)

Telerik AppManager makes it easier for you to distribute your mobile apps outside the public app stores.  Using AppManager you can create groups of users (testers, administrators, etc.) from a single web-based dashboard and selectively deploy your mobile app based on these groups to iOS and Android devices.

[Sign-up to be part of the AppManager Beta]

Telerik AppFeedback (Beta)

Telerik AppFeedback helps you get contextual and actionable feedback from your users about their mobile app experience.  Using AppFeedback your users can supply feedback from within your mobile app by simply shaking their device, pointing to their issue and then commenting.  You’ll then receive feedback that includes screenshots, technical details and comments that you can review and assign to team members for resolution.

[Sign-up to be part of the AppFeedback Beta

We’ll be sharing a lot more information later this month during the upcoming webcast.  However, in the meantime we’re very interested in getting your reactions, comments and questions.  And if you haven’t already tried the Telerik Platform, please give it a look at http://platform.telerik.com

About the Author

Gabe Sumner

(@gabesumner) is a Product Marketing Manager at Telerik. He lives in Mountain View, CA and loves to talk with customers to absorb their perspectives and feedback. At Telerik he works to create alignment between customer challenges, product features, company values and external messaging. 


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