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The Telerik Control Panel introduced a new and efficient way to install and update Telerik products. The Q3 2012 release makes it easier than ever to keep your Telerik products up-to-date with notifications and more customization.

If you are unfamiliar with the Telerik Control Panel, you can learn more about its standard features and how it enhances the Telerik Experience in Introducing the Telerik Control Panel.

When you open the Control Panel to update your products for the Q3 release, this screen appears.


The updater updates itself, and it brings features to make your Telerik experience that much better.

Options Abound

After installing the update, you can access the new customization features by opening the Options dialog. Access this by clicking the gear button in the upper-right corner.


The Options page appears, and there are several items to customize.


The primary feedback we received on how to improve the Telerik Control Panel was to add notifications. This feature is now available, and by default, enabled on a weekly schedule.


You can disable notifications if you do not wish to keep your products up to date. However, it is easy to maintain the latest and greatest. Simply change the schedule to Daily. If you instead prefer fewer notifications, the Monthly option is also available.

You will receive notifications on your taskbar according to the schedule when newer versions of installed products are available or when one of your products is within 60 days of expiration.


You can easily check which products are about to expire and either renew the license, choose Remind Me Later, or simply close the window. If you choose Remind Me Later, you will receive another notification in one hour. If you close the window, you will receive a reminder during the next scheduled notification.


If updates are available, you receive the option to launch the Control Panel to update your software.


Download Settings

The Control Panel retrieves packages from a Telerik service and caches them before installation, and it retains these packages so you can make future changes. This panel allows you to change the folder in which the packages are stored. It also allows you to delete cached packages.


Proxy Settings

This one is straightforward. Check the box to use Internet Explorer’s proxy settings.


Installation Settings

When installing from an MSI, you receive the choice to install to your preferred folder. Of course, the vast majority of people click through this screen, but an installer must offer this decision to allow customization. The Telerik Control Panel enhances this experience by making it a setting and applying it to every product.

The Control Panel provides an additional option to keep parallel versions. This is a valuable feature when working with many projects.



This release of the Telerik Control Panel makes it even easier to keep your Telerik products up-to-date. If you are not using it yet, what are you waiting for? Download it now from the Your Account page on!

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