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We are happy to let you know that Telerik released new Visual Studio Extension for RadControls for Windows Phone 7 Q2 2011. This means VSX Team now supports Visual Studio Extensions for all Telerik UI Components!

If you create Windows Phone 7 applications using the new Visual Studio Extension everything will be configured automatically for you. If you want to install new version you don’t need to browse with hours any more just use Upgrade Wizard and it will find latest version and download it.

Now I will give you more detailed information on how to use this new Visual Studio Extension for Windows Phone 7.


Create New Project

Let’s start with the creation of a new Telerik Project - you will find our project templates in the standard New Project dialog:


When you choose one of the project templates the New Project Wizard gets started. It allows to choose Windows Phone Settings. It is composed of two pages.

On the first page you can change the Telerik assembly references of the project. The dependent assemblies will be checked/unchecked automatically.


On the second page you can change your Project type and whether do you want to add it to Application Bar:


Once you click finish you will have new Telerik Silverlight for Windows Phone project configured. You can find all selected assemblies during project configuration already added to References:


Convert Existing Project

If you have an existing Windows Phone project that doesn’t use the Visual Studio Extensions then you can easily convert it to a Telerik one using a similar wizard. It is launched either through the Telerik menu, or through the context menu of the project.


You have two new project modification options: Reconfigure the settings in your project and Download the latest version of the Telerik Extensions.


Configure Project

The Configure Project Wizard is again similar to the Create New Project Wizard and Convert Wizards, but it allows to add or remove assemblies on the latest stage.


Upgrade Project

The last thing I want to show you is the Upgrade Wizard. If you want to upgrade your project to a newer version then the easiest and the fastest way is using the Upgrade Wizard. You can select RadControls Projects (if you have a Developer license).

You can choose which projects should be updated to the new version of RadControls. The Upgrade Wizard  will replace the Telerik assembly references if the selected distribution is different than the one the project currently uses. You can browse to a manually downloaded distribution (it is not automatically discoverable) or download the latest available.


As a next step you can choose whether you want a backup of your project. The Upgrade Wizard can create a backup copy of the project to easier deal with any breaking changes that might have been introduced to RadControls. If backup operation is chosen, you could select the folder where the project will be backup up.



As always, your feedback is more than welcome.


About the Author

Petia Vladova

 is Build Engineer in Telerik VSX Team


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