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Here’s a difficult truth—the experiences we all enjoy are built upon the rubble ofPalmPilot the past. Innovation, by its very nature disrupts, disturbs and replaces yesterday’s “next big thing” and consigns it to the clearance bin of history. Palm developed devices that inspired others to create nearly twenty years’ worth of new mobile apps. The only problem for Palm was that those apps were made for other manufacturers' hardware.  One of these days, being the best iOS, Android or mobile developer will be no different from being the best PalmPilot programmer in 2014—it’s not worth having bragging rights if no one knows what you’re so excited about. We think bragging rights are hugely important!

That’s the point of the Mobile Apps Are Dead infographic—a quick view into things that have helped build the modern world, but haven’t survived the journey. On Wednesday, February 12th we will reveal the details of Telerik Platform—the best way to create innovative experience for any device or any platform using the most appropriate approach. We want to future-proof your bragging rights—that’s just how we roll.

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Mobile Apps Are Dead Infographic

Join us on February 12th for the Mobile Apps Are Dead Online Keynote.


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