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Meet Jorge Cano, Developer Expert for NativeScript_870x220

This post is part of a series featuring our Developer Experts—community members who represent the best of our products. Feel free to read about our other featured experts and meet more DEs.

Jorge Cano is our latest interviewee. Based in Argentina, Jorge is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies skilled in JavaScript Architecture and well-versed in writing, speaking and teaching.

Jorge Cano

What is your background, professionally?

I'm a self-taught JavaScript Architect.

Where are you based and why?

I live in Buenos Aires in Argentina, my home country.

With whom are you working?

I work at a company called ByteDefult as a Full Stack Developer. I'm lucky to work with several other terrific, skilled colleagues.

What projects are you working on now?

ByteDefult is a startup, and we're creating a super secret video-based product yet to be released. We look forward to its release, and I think you will, too!

What’s the most interesting project you’ve done recently?

I'm writing a module for Angular to use drag, drop and upload, coming soon to npm. I'm also mentoring a large team of Spanish-speaking NativeScript Ambassadors, younger developers who are learning NativeScript this summer. In addition, I've written a book on Angular (Entendiendo Angular) and am considering writing a book on NativeScript. Finally, I'm working on a project called 30 days with RxJS in Spanish.

Which of our products do you use and why?

NativeScript! I love its simplicity and its use of Angular. When I read the code behind NativeScript, I found it was amazing. I'm excited to write a book about NativeScript, and I've also use Kendo UI many times for web development.

What are some challenges you are encountering now in your work?

When you are in a professional environment with amazing, interesting and intelligent colleagues, the architecture and ideology of a product becomes something incredible. You are challenged to always get better and push technologies to create even more interesting products. That's a good kind of challenge—a tougher challenge is to write your own Open Source project and maintain it, but you need to do this to keep moving forward and surmount difficulties.

From your experience, what’s the biggest software pain point that your partners/clients encounter?

I think that many people do not understand the level of skill, planning, and deep understanding that developers must have nowadays to deliver the solutions that we are required to provide. It's hard to make business-oriented colleagues grasp the difficulties that lie behind the "magic" that happens on the web and on mobile. It's our challenge as developers to communicate with them to understand what they want, what is possible, and how a developer can deliver it.

Jen Looper is a Developer Advocate at Telerik.
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Jen Looper

Jen Looper is a Developer Advocate for Telerik products at Progress. She is a web and mobile developer and founder of Ladeez First Media which is a small indie mobile development studio. In her spare time, she is a dancer, teacher and multiculturalist who is always learning.


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