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Are you working in the mobile world without mobile backend services? That's a dangerous choice. Learn how mBaaS can help you build more scalable, reliable and engaging apps.

Living Dangerously Without mBaaS Why Reinvent the Wheel

As a developer, your mission is to build world-changing products, focus on development and deliver great user experiences. Should you really have to worry about coding all the low-level features/APIs for ensuring scalability, performance and higher customer engagement? We think developers should spend their quality time building and delivering end-user experiences.

Leverage mBaaS with Telerik Platform


Telerik Platform by Progress provides a robust set of mobile backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) capabilities for taking your mobile app to the next level. With Telerik Platform mBaaS, developers get out-of-the-box integration with a variety of data connectors for existing enterprise data sources. Also, Telerik Platform handles scalability, managed reliability and better application performance through highly optimized backend services. Now, developers can focus on the important parts of the application, and leave the utility work of providing a stable backend to us.

Benefits of Telerik Platform mBaaS

Drive Connectivity and Scalability


Developers can reuse and leverage backend functionality in multiple apps (for mobile, IoT, wearables and others) with Telerik Platform mBaaS. It uses our industry-leading Progress DataDirect drivers behind the scenes, through which you can even connect to legacy data sources. It’s that good.

Every mobile app needs an authentication mechanism. With Telerik Platform mBaaS, you can authenticate against social media platforms and leverage existing Active Directory solutions.

To make your app business workflow-friendly, you can also trigger custom business logic on specific events with our mBaaS.

Drive Better Performance


Apps need to be robust enough to deal with unforeseen situations, such as bad data network coverage at remote areas or in buildings. Telerik Platform mBaaS uses data caching and offline synchronization to provide responsive and fluid user experiences, even when they’re offline.

Each mobile device uses a different mobile screen size; you want to ensure your app’s images are rendered correctly and sized appropriately, to avoid rendering delays. Our mobile backend services will automatically scale images to maintain the great experience your users deserve.

The solution also provides cloud storage, so you can store all your essential application assets, including images and files, making your application as lightweight as possible.

Drive Retention and User Engagement


One way of keeping application usage high and audiences informed is to send notifications. Telerik Platform mBaaS provides Push notification, SMS notification (via Twilio) and email notification capabilities, so you can use the correct delivery standard to drive excellent user engagement. It’s easy to monetize your app with your captive audience by sending timely promotions and offers.

Full Control & Flexibility to Call APIs Directly via SDKs


Sometimes, all you want to do is call a specific functionality from your app. For this, you can leverage SDKs covering all the abovementioned functionalities on each platform/technology. For hybrid, you can use the JavaScript SDK, for iOS you can use the Objective C SDK, and for Android you can use the Java SDK, and so on. You always stay in control.

For example, say you want to list some data from an enterprise data store. Our REST APIs in the SDKs can be invoked to load the data stored inside the app’s content types or from an external connector. Taking another scenario, if you want to specifically login a user by authenticating against Microsoft ADFS, you can do that via our REST APIs as well.

Use Cases of Telerik Platform mBaaS


Say you want your sales force to track orders for your customers by retrieving information from internal data sources, while authenticating sales team members against Active Directory or social media platforms. Or, when a special order for a high revenue generating product comes in, you want to alert key departments like manufacturing, shipping and operations to prioritize its delivery. Both of these needs can be met through data connectors and custom business workflow.

Let’s consider another scenario. Imagine you provide professional services, and your workforce travels door-to-door collecting crucial information via forms. Sometimes, the data coverage may not be great on the mobile device, but with data caching and offline synchronization, you can ensure seamless business operations without losing data.

If you are an ecommerce shop, you can deliver an optimal user experience of product catalog images on end devices for browsing, using both cloud storage and responsive image features. Your users will really appreciate the thoughtfulness in making the app light and fast at the same time.

Lastly, imagine you are a flowers boutique and want to send special discount promotions to your mobile customers from time to time. If you have their cell numbers, you can send SMS notifications. Otherwise, you can notify them via push notifications within the app. Either way, you help your business continue to grow.

Take a Test Drive Today and Start Benefiting


If you are already using Telerik Platform, take advantage of our generous free tier of mobile backend services. You get 100 MB of database storage, 1 GB file storage, 5 GB of bandwidth and 1 million push notifications! Need more? Check out our other plans.

If you are developing mobile apps and haven’t tried Telerik Platform yet, get started today! We love hearing from developers and empowering them to build outstanding user experiences.

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