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Is HTML5 "hype" justified or not?
We had the same question. We read the available research online, and often found it conflicting. Some analysts are HTML5 bulls; some are bears. Clearly, the Kendo UI team has its own (bullish) opinions on HTML5, but like any good student of the industry, we want to make sure those opinions are in-touch with the heartbeat of the developer community.


Not satisfied with the available data, we gathered our own via a new survey that collected responses from more than 4,000 developers! If you want it done right, you've got to do it yourself, they say. Although the survey investigated a number of issues, we were particularly interested in these three:


  1. HTML5 adoption trends
  2. HTML5 importance to developers
  3. Impact of outside influences on HTML5 (such as Facebook’s mobile fiasco)


The data is compiled and the results are quite interesting! If you want the full results, just download the free PDF from our HTML5 Adoption Survey 2012 page. It's pretty (lots of pictures). To whet your appetite, here is a quick sample of some of the survey's findings:


  1. Most developers (94%) are already actively developing with HTML5, or plan to do so by the end of 2012 (which is almost here)!
  2. Despite major improvements in modern browsers and increased standardization, browser fragmentation continues to be a major concern for developers (71% are "concerned")
  3. Facebook’s decision to rewrite their HTML5 mobile iPhone app using mostly native code has had minimal impact on adoption or attitude towards adoption of HTML5. Developers seem to have shrugged it off.


Check-out the complete survey results for all the details and analysis. For example, you can learn whether developers prefer the W3C ("slow and steady") or WHATWG ("living standard") approach to evolving the HTML5. The answer might surprise you!


If you would like your opinions to be included in the next edition of the Kendo UI Global Developer Survey, please sign up for Kendo UI monthly newsletter at Kendo UI homepage (no spam, we hate it too!) and watch for the next survey in 2013. 'Til then, enjoy the survey results. Share them with a friend or a boss and let us know what you think in the comments!

About the Author

Sasha Krsmanovic

is a VP of Product Marketing at Telerik and is based in Toronto, Canada. A geek at heart, Sasha works with HTML and JavaScript developers worldwide and loves learning from passionate people. You can follow Sasha on Twitter @k_sasha.


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